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We understand the frustration you feel when your heating or cooling system breaks down unexpectedly and you’re not sure if it is an easy fix or a very large problem. Don’t waste time feeling helpless and uncomfortable in your home. At All Things HVAC we provide emergency hvac service and repairs when you find yourself in a bind. Our trained technicians will come out to your home or business and diagnose the issue you are having with your HVAC system.

Emergency AC Repair

It’s the worst when your air conditioner chooses to stop working in the middle of the summer heat. If this happens to you, don’t deprive your family of the comfort and enjoyment they deserve in their home. Call one of our trained technicians and they will diagnose the issue quickly, getting you back into the comfort of a cool house. If your commercial property is experiencing AC problems, your business isn’t able to run efficiently and may lose money. If this happens, don’t hesitate to call us. All Things HVAC is here to help you in your time of need with our emergency air-conditioning repair.

If your air-conditioning has not completely failed, but it’s starting to show signs of failure, don’t hesitate to call us. We may be able to make repairs to an existing unit before things get worse. Our professionals are courteous, have extensive training and are trustworthy to provide you with the best service around.

Here are a few of the air-conditioning issues that may require emergency service:

  • There is no cool air coming from your vents. If you have already checked your power outlet, tried resetting the breaker, and reset your thermostat, but still no cool air is coming out, it’s time to call in a professional. This could be a sign of frozen coils. Continuing to run your system in this condition can lead to a serious breakage and a much worse situation.
  • You hear strange noises coming from your AC, particularly the sound of grinding, which can indicate a problem with your motor or fan.
  • There is a burning smell coming from your unit. This can be a sign that you have an electrical failure.

When you call us for an emergency with your air conditioner, our team responds as quickly as possible to help solve your issue. Once we get to your home or business we will troubleshoot in order to figure out the precise problem your AC is having. Our technicians will then work tirelessly to restore comfort to your space. We guarantee 100% satisfaction with all of the repair services we provide.

Emergency Furnace Repair

If your furnace breaks down, you are not always able to afford to wait for repairs. In the cold winter months, this can be a matter of your family’s health and safety. For 24 hour service on your broken down furnace, you can call All Things HVAC. We will work quickly to provide comfort back to your home or business. There are a few signs that a furnace exhibit when it is in need of emergency repair:

  • Unusual or loud noises
  • A smell of something burning
  • Your burner flame is yellow instead of blue

If you have noticed any of these signs with your furnace, don’t hesitate to contact a professional, as there are a number of safety issues that can come from a malfunctioning furnace.

Emergency Heater (Heat Pump) Repair

If your heat pump has suddenly shut off or is showing signs of serious issues don’t wait to call a technician at All Things HVAC. We’ll come out promptly to diagnose and fix your heater’s issues and bring warmth back to your home or business.

Six Heat Pump Repair Signs To Watch Out For To Prevent An HVAC Emergency

Although one of the most efficient and reliable heating systems on the market today, a heat pump still needs to be inspected at the first sign of an issue. Heat pumps provide both cooling and heating from a single unit, so are running most days of the year. If properly maintained, they can last up to 15 years. Below are a few signs that your heat pump may need repair.

Electric Costs Increase

Often the first indicator that a heat pump is malfunctioning, is a higher than usual electric bill. If your energy bill has gone up drastically without an obvious reason, there may be an issue with your heat pump’s efficiency. A grounded wire or damaged coil are just a few of the issues that can cause a heat pump to run less efficiently.

Frozen Coils

Another issue a heat pump experiences is ice accumulation. Refrigerant leaks or dirty air filters are often the reason for iced-over coils. An HVAC technician will be able to determine the reason for the problem. If the pump’s refrigerant is low, the technician can seal up the leak and refill the unit.

Loud Noises

Although you will never find a heat pump that runs silently, your unit should not be making loud noises. If you have started to hear mechanical sounds like grinding, rattling or groaning, it is time to call a repair person. These sounds could indicate a problem that, if not addressed, could become much bigger.

No Heat or Cool Air

If you begin to notice that your heat pump is not producing conditioned air, there may be an issue with the reversing valve. Its job is to change the direction the refrigerant flows to allow the unit to go back-and-forth between heating and cooling your home, depending on how the thermostat is set. The absence of hot or cold air may mean the reversing valve is stuck, which is a common heat pump repair.

Short Cycling

A unit that frequently turns on and off is short cycling. This may be caused by a malfunctioning thermostat or compressor. Because your home may still be cooling and heating as expected, you may think it is alright to ignore this issue, but by ignoring it, you are causing damage to your heat pump. This may force you to have to prematurely replace the unit.

24HR Emergency HVAC Repair

If you live in Doylestown or a surrounding area, and you are experiencing an issue with your heating system, call All Things HVAC. We provide 24HR emergency HVAC repair service. Addressing an issue today, can mean avoiding bigger issues or replacement in the future.

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